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Actively seeking licensees to commercialize our unique and broad systems patent for Fatigue Management and Drowsy Driving.


USPTO Patent US8022831B1


  • Our patent covers verbal instruction to interact with the driver and coach them to safety by finding coffee, food or rest stop, using GPS software to guide them.


  • Our patent also can be used with interior sensing systems which can provide the triggers based on eye blinks, yawning and other driving behaviors in telematics


  • By using our intellectual property, the OEM’s and their suppliers can develop and deploy live conversational information and warnings to the driver.


  • The patent also covers the inclusion of medical and contact information that can be communicated to other systems and people.


  • Patent for Fatigue and Drowsy Driving or Patent for Contact and Medical or both can be used with Head Unit in the vehicle, cell phone or Dongle. Licensees have choices with the platform to work as a systems patent with their technology.

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