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The European Parliament’s legislation for safe, clean and connected mobility includes specific regulations to mandate that new car models are equipped with advanced safety features. From mid-2022 all new cars, vans, buses and lorries are to be sold with factory-equipped features detecting drowsiness and distraction monitoring.
Image by Matthew T Rader

January 14, 2017

Support Safer Driving

It is not about invasion of privacy it is about ensuring that a fleet driver is safe in what can be a tiring job. Making driver safety a number one concern will be a key in hiring and will show that you are a caring employer.

Image by Christian Chen

January 14, 2017

Fleet Management

Add Drowsy Driver and Emergency Medical Dashboard as an enhancement to any fleet management system. This is a great incentive for any driver, knowing he is being taken care of if ever an emergency occured

Image by Milan Popovic

January 14, 2017

Reduced Insurance 

Negotiating better fleet insurance premiums will be possible if you have shown that you have implemented driver safety measures. In a short time you will have sufficient data to show improved safety, productivity and efficiency.

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