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Emergency Medical Dashboard

Instantly Transferable Personal Health Data made available electronically - in case of an emergency to assist drivers, first responders and emergency rooms highlighting conditions and any treatments and therefore speeding up treatment

  • User activates EMD upon entering their vehicle ​​

  • If a medical situation or accident occurs; Police and Ambulance are dispatched  ​

  • First Responders use EMD to obtain name of victim and Level 1 data.

  • Activated by visual or voice technology on console center display by using "Watch Words"  ​

  • EMD can give also share contact number for someone familiar with the driver's health.  

  • All information is provided to the emergency room upon arrival to assist doctors ​

  • Efficiency is the key as medical staff have all the victims details and health information instantaneously

Image by Esri Esri

First Responders

If all accident victims data were readily available treatment on the scene could be understood, administered or avoided in case of underlying health issues. EMD offers a full insight in to the victim of the incident thus accelerating on-site intervention and treatment or support.

Image by Laura Gariglio

Medical Incident

No matter the driver there may be different underlying medical conditions that could manifest through, stress, tiredness, and being sedantry for many hours in the car. In case of a situation EMD medical information can save precious time for first responders and medical crew.

Image by JC Gellidon

Emergency Rooms

When incident victims arrive at the emergency rooms all data can be shared or accessed through EMD. Faster  understanding and a faster more informed treatment can be administered helping both victim and medical staff. In a connected world save time and resources and lives.

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